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Our medical staff is proud to have served the valley for the last 30 years. We have some of the best doctors, up to date facilities and a support medical staff that is patient, compassionate and caring.

We serve the valley at 2 different locations. We look forward to keeping our valley healthy and vibrant.


Caring Staff


Desert Valley Family Medicine has 2 doctors, 3 Nurse practiioners and a large well qualified staff to serve our patients.

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Convenient Location


Our current location is central to the east valley. We look forward to serving you at this location.

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Our Mission

To create a medical office that is dedicated to its delivery of the highest quality Health Care. A work environment thet is constantly evolving to excel and meet the needs of our patients and our staff.

A fun, prosperous, and growing work place where individual and team accomplishments are well recognized and acknowledged. A model for health care now and for future generations, one that is well respected by the community, patients, enapeers who's name will be synonymous with outstanding personalized health care. Desert Valley Family Medicine strives to provide a compassionate care for the whole family.


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Diabetes type 2 is by far the most common form, affecting 85 - 90% of all people with diabetes. Experts estimate that nearly one-third of people who have type 2 diabetes don't even know it. If the condition is left uncontrolled, the consequences (like with diabetes type 1) can be life threatening. Although type 2 diabetes typically affects individuals over the age of 40, today it occurs at an increasingly younger age, especially in people who have a family history of diabetes.